The Outcross Project for BMD Vitality

BMDs running in the snow.

How the Vitality Project works:

Bernese Mountain Dog in flowers.

The Bernese Mountain Dog Vitality Project is already under way. Various breeds have been selected to breed out to and then bring back to the Bernese Mountain Dog. Each parent is selected for health and temperament, and health screenings such as hips and elbow, etc. are done. Every puppy from every litter is tracked its entire life, no exceptions. That means that every single puppy will minimally have hip and elbow x-rays and eyes examined. Overall health will be monitored and longevity tracked. A Bernese Mountain Dog Vitality Project database has been started and every dog and pup is entered into it.

Each breeder that has a litter under the Vitality Project agrees to the stipulations of the project.

Interested in contributing to the Outcross Project?

If you have a potential Bernese Mountain Dog sire or dam or a dog of another breed you would like us to consider, please contact us. We are seeking breeds that have a similar shape and size to the Bernese Mountain Dog that have statistically long lifespans. The more options we have for healthy long-lived dogs, the more positive strides we can take.

Interested in contributing to the Project?
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Interested in a puppy from the Outcross Project?

Not surprisingly, there are many people who love the Bernese Mountain Dog but not the short lifespan. They would like to have a dog with a chance for a longer life. Early generations of dogs from the Vitality Project may vary in looks and temperament; however, we hope to have improved longevity in the first generation. Considering that the average Bernese Mountain Dog lives only 7 years, we feel there is a good chance that the majority of Vitality Project pups will live at least that long. This is why we track each and every puppy: so we can see if we are making progress in improving longevity. We may have puppies available to appropriate homes. Please keep in mind that, by adopting a puppy from the Vitality Project, you are agreeing to support our goal of tracking your puppy for its entire life. 

Interested in a puppy from the Project?
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